Executive Search

Building winning teams for software companies.


Executive Search

Building winning teams for software companies.

121 Silicon Valley Services 

Advisory Sales & Marketing Search, Serving Private Software Companies


Sales & Marketing Management Search  

Exec Sales Placement for North America

Field Sales for North America

121 Silicon Valley Proprietary Due Diligence


Compensation Plan Advisory

We understand driving quarterly revenue objectives while programmatically hiring teams

Advisory services bring vital key employees to our clients within a focused 90 day project 


Big Data Analytics, SaaS Cloud Apps

Our skills build Sales and Marketing teams for providers of Enterprise Solutions in Web Services, Security & Big Data


Fast Growth

Our approach is to advise fast growth and venture software companies and help them get the right sales and marketing talent across North America.

Build an "A" Team

We understand what it takes to drive quarterly revenue objectives from a global perspective while continuing to hire and build an "A" team.


Our backgrounds are from large companies and start-ups like Oracle, Tandem, Vitria, Visual Networks, DataNautics, Inverse Networks, & AlterPoint.